There is a programme connected with “Ceiling on Desires.” You must realise that this programme has not been launched to raise funds. The object of the programme is to prevent waste of money, time, food, or other resources and to use all these for the welfare of the people. The money that is saved may be used in the best way you choose for the benefit of others. Many needy people send us their stories, your saving by ceiling on desires can be used to help them.

Do not waste time. Time wasted is life wasted. Time is God. Sanctify all the time at your disposal by undertaking service activities in a pure and unselfish spirit. Today we waste time on unnecessary and unwanted things, in indulging in unnecessary talk and doing meaningless actions. In all these actions we are sacrificing the body to time. Instead we should try to make time our servant. It means spending our time in good thoughts and good deeds. Every second of your daily existence you must ask these questions: “How am I utilising time? Is it for a good or bad purpose?”

Likewise, with regard to food you must ask, “Am I just eating what I need, or more? Am I wasting food?” So also with regard to money: “Am I using this money for my own selfish needs or for boosting my name and fame or to satisfy my ego and vanity?” Once you start seeking answers to these questions, there is no greater spiritual practice.

These are the aims of the “Ceiling on Desires Programme.”The object was to encourage you to share your money with others, to give you an opportunity to utilise your surplus resources for some good and noble purpose that will sanctify your life.