Donate to Old age home in Chennai

Short Brief

This home needs funds to cater the basic needs of destitutes and old age people, to give food, shelter and proper health care for the elderly. Breakfast, lunch and dinner is served.

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In our country, life gets too difficult for a lot of elderly when they reach a certain age. They lack love & affection of their own people. The situation may get even worse if they are poor without any source of income. They face mental stress, trauma and sometimes abandoned by their own families. They end up living alone, starving and in the worst case, left with no option. These people are usually socially excluded. They face extremely difficult circumstances for reasons like surviving in extremely bad living situations, or social stigma due to any incurable disease. Due to a drastic change in family values and economic factors, old aged citizens become victims of domestic violence and negligence. Such elderly need help with food, medical care, sanitation, livelihood resources, etc. to enable them to lead a good life.

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