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Provide disaster relief by raising money online to support victims of natural disasters. Tragedy can strike so quickly, but often times aid and support move more slowly. Individuals and organizations alike use Cyber Fundraiser to quickly raise money online and provide disaster relief to those in need. With a donation Plugin from Cyber Fundraiser, you can instantly broadcast your request for support on Facebook & Twitter for immediate results.

Cyber Fundraiser is the quickest and easiest way to provide disaster relief by raising money online for victims of emergencies and natural disasters. Just purchase and get a customizable donation functionality within minutes.
Inviting supporters to your online donation page is easy using Cyber Fundraiser sharing tools. Easily post updates about your Project to Facebook & Twitter to help you raise more money online.

Raising money during the time of a disaster can help with:

  • Rebuilding Homes/City
  • Food
  • Gas
  • Clean Water
  • Clothing
  • Flashlights
  • Plane/Bus/Transportation Tickets
  • Temporary Relocation
  • Shelter
  • Furniture
  • Batteries
  • Generators
  • Heaters
  • Childcare
  • Animal Assistance
  • Medical Attention
  • Emotional Support
USD 659,000.00
USD 593,100.00
USD 527,200.00
USD 461,300.00
USD 395,400.00
USD 329,500.00
USD 263,600.00
USD 197,700.00
USD 131,800.00
USD 65,900.00
USD 0.00

Campaign Short Description

The above are just thought-starters of what might be needed during a disaster, but the reality is that every situation will have a different set of needs, which is why the ability to customize your fundraising site is so important. With Cyber Fundraiser you can customize your fundraising site in the most personal way possible ( Like Drag n Drop Blocks ) so that it’s truly a reflection of the situation at hand and the help that is so urgently needed

Campaign Details

Goal USD 659000
Starting Date 2017-01-06
Closing Date 2020-06-30

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